Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marathon Madness

 The weekend of the 14th means one thing in Boston...Marathon Weekend! The arrival of masses of marathoners and their supporters descend upon the city and throngs of people from all over the world are out and about.
As with every year, the John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo is held at a convention center somewhere in the city.  In past years, it has been held at the Hynes Convention Center, but this time round, celebrating their 35th year, the expo was held at the World Trade Center by the Seaport.

 There are loads of things to do at this expo; runners go for number pick-up, you can create a cheer card to egg on your favorite runners or write your name on a big wall, filled with the names of runners, messages from fans and other such enthusiasts.
 I have a couple of friends running and although I did not make a cheer card, I did put in a shout out for each of them on the 'Big White Board'.  A foodie friend of mine, Amanda Lakowski, aka Kitchen Misfit, will be running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I am so proud to support her, what a beautiful thing to do!
I plan on being at the finish line to cheer everyone on for the last pun intended:)

 Of course, no Sports Expo is legitimate without hoards of supplement bars and powders.  I must admit, it was this part that attracted me the most:)

And I certainly got my fill of samples:)

The Seaport is such a fantastic area of Boston and on a nice day, there is no place quite like it - even with the hoards of people floating around, there is still so much space to saunter around by the water.  Of course, I can rarely go to this area and not make a pit stop at Flour Bakery...even after all the power bar samples, I could easily find room for a Chunky Lola:)
I always love seeing the city of Boston come alive and there are few other occasions that present such an influx of people from all walks of life, here to witness one of the world's most prestigious marathons.
I wish all the best to everyone and please, please, please is going to be a scorcher!

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