Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have always had a thing for squares.  Not necessarily the shape, but the atmosphere they tend to create in neighborhoods.  This Saturday, my friend and I decided to take on a few different endeavours and, unbeknownst to us, each activity happened to be in a different square. First, we spent some time in Harvard Square as it was Bank of America's 'Museums on Us', a sponsored event that happens every first weekend of the month.  Our next stop would be the Hungry Tiger Festival in Union Square, bringing together the local cultures of the area for three hours of vibrant celebration and to top it all off, a stop in Inman Square, a culinary hot spot which is always hard to pass up.

First on our list was the Museum of Natural History in the Harvard Yard.  We figured we would get the most focus requiring activity out of the way early on...

It was my first time (embarassing...I know) but my enthusiasm definitely made up for it....can you see me in this dino's mouth!?

All the fossils, gems and mammals worked up an appetite and I can't seem to go to Harvard Square without making a stop for bubble tea.  Lucky for us, the Sabra truck was also there waiting with some handy dandy samples.

Hidden Sweets also called my name and their row of 'hidden' sweets certainly made for a fabulous pick-me up as we headed out of this square and into the next.

Union Square, a bit further out from Inman is a true mecca of ethnic cuisine from authentic Mexican, to Thai and Indian. Precinct's bar representing the neighborhood bar presented some top notch mousse concoctions that got us going...why not start with a sweet note?  All at one dollar a piece, the peanut butter tortes were by far the best.

After some grade A (and very frugal) taquitos and pupusas, from El Porto we tried some unique pastries and such from Kueh, a Singaporian pastry shop in Central.  These brought me right back to my Singaporian street fare and I had a brief moment of reminiscing....delicious curry pastries, glutinous rice and tapioca different and unique!

The reminiscing was short lived however because as we were enjoying our last bites our attention was brought towards the rings of fire being wrought in the middle of the square. The Boston Circus Guild was on show with rings of fire, fire whips and clubs. The Hungry Tiger festival has something for every sensory outlet.

Not that we needed any more stimulation, but it was too difficult to drive through our third square for the day, Inman, without making a stop.  We hopped out and headed to East Coast Grill for some great drinks and even better food.

Along with our margaritas and my East Coast Cocktail (Beefeater Gin, St. Germain, muddled peaches and lemon), we had fresh oysters, fried plantains with guava ketchup and a peel-your-own shrimp appetizer with grilled bread.
I made an important realisation during this meal.  I realised that no matter how full you are, you can almost always keep eating really good food.  This thought however, although momentarilly enlightening, did not last long enough for me to finish the last two plantains staring meekly at me from my plate.
All in all though, I would give my evening a three for three squares - each full of adventure, culture and tasty goodness.  One of the best parts of our day is that we enjoyed so much for a very small price... Next trip...Davis, Central and Kendall!


  1. harvard sq --> union sq --> inman sq --> satisfaction sq

  2. What a fun day! I love the bubble tea here in Harvard Square. My friends and I sometimes walk to Inman Square too for East Coast Grill and the other great restaurants there!

  3. !!! Are you saying you live within walking distance to both of these fabulous squares!? I am officially, très, jealous!

  4. For more about food in Union Square (and beyond!) check out our site!

    <3 and thanks for attending Hungry Tiger! - the Arts Council

  5. I most certainly will! It is such a hot hub:)