Monday, August 1, 2011

Clear sailing and a chocolate fountain

There are many cruises that will take you on a whirl around the Boston Harbor. Now although it is a beautiful harbor boasting views of pretty little islands and a great sky line - there are not that many different routes you can take. That's why it's inportant to have something that sets your cruise apart, for instance, The Rock and Blues Cruise has live bands playing on the top deck and The Odyssey Cruise has a great thing going with a series of Dinner, Lunch or Brunch cruises that guessed it a meal throughout.
This past Sunday, a great group from Boston Brunchers were invited to experience the Brunch Cruise aboard the Odessey.  The event, courtesy of Odessey Cruise Boston, was such a treat, from start to finish and all the details - down to the beautiful summer day - were in tact.

When you board the Odessey - a beautiful, large and sparkling cruise ship, you are greeted and directed to your respective section of the boat. We were in a beautiful dining room where individual to small groups are set up.  Incidentally, a gorgeous wedding was going on in a different definately added a little something to the setting!
The tables are set up most eloquently and along with the brunch comes a complimentary glass of champagne, which can easily be made into a mimosa:)

The cruise is three hours long but the first hour is used as the main eating period.  The brunch is buffet style and includes an impressive array of breakfast (my favorite were the fried potatoes and crispy bacon over which I smothered maple tasty), lunch and dessert items.  The lunch had some strong points - notably the salads and the roasted vegetables.
Of course, I really don't need to specify what my favorite part of the buffet was...the dessert bar. The first thing I noticed upon arriving was the presence of a soon to be flowing chocolate fountain. It didn't take long before the bacon from the breakfast table made it's way over. The red velvet cake was also a favorite among the brunchers.
Suffice it to say that by 12 oclock, I was ready to make my way up to the top of the boat to sit in the sun and enjoy the views of the Boston Harbor. The sun was high in the sky, the sail boats were out and the water was glistening - it is difficult to describe such contentment in words.
I would highly recommend this cruise for visitors - or anyone with a hearty appetite and a craving for a different setting.
Most refreshing was the quality of service, which was in stark contrast to the usual neglect you feel at buffets.
I had a great time with friends and food and the view upon The Odessey is a great way to round it all out:)


  1. you have beautiful pictures. such a better recap, love it!

  2. great review, so nice to brunch with you!

  3. Why thank you! I was lucky to get some pictures before the ravenous crowd descended on the buffet:)

  4. So nice to see you! Love the bacon in the chocolate fountain picture!

  5. Thanks! It was a collaborative blogger idea;)