Monday, October 29, 2012

Perfect Fuel for perfect energy:)

We made it through our opening week of the 2012-2013 season!!  
The first week of shows is always the hardest because leading up to it we are in the theater all day long doing tedious techs and run-throughs as we get the last minute details in order.  Once we make it to Sunday, we are all hanging on by a thread and T-I-R-E-D!
Thankfully, there are a few little things that can help us along in these moments of exhaustion.  Coco Cafe is one product which can help give that extra boost and in fact, one of my fellow dancers had one by her side throughout the Sunday show:)
 A more recent discovery for me is Perfect Fuel Chocolate.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this product, it is a cube of 74 % raw cacao and ginseng. 
Come again? 
Rephrase: it is a cube of very dark chocolate enriched with a type of perennial plant with proven health benefits..aka ginseng:) 
I had seen these little guys in various stores and marketplaces around town for about a year now and was actually introduced to them by a former dancer of the Boston Ballet who used to eat them during the intermissions of a particularly daunting ballet. (ahem, Don Quixote!)
You can imagine how excited I was when a friend of mine introduced me to one of his training buddies...who happens to be Nicolas Warren, the CEO and founder of Perfect Fuel just last week...a few days before we went into the theater! 
We were at a lovely wine and cheese hosted by Nicolas and his wife and I was able to pick his brain about the fascinating process and benefits derived from his product.  In each Perfect Fuel bar,  there is a serving of enough organic cacao to provide sustained, long lasting energy - just the kind of thing I was looking for:)  Perfect Fuel is also high in antioxidants and has no refined sugar.
 As for the taste, if you like dark chocolate, you will LOVE these bars.  I myself am a huge fan, however, if I don't feel like I can handle the concentrated taste of 74 % dark chocolate, I conveniently have a bag of high energy treats that I can mix it in with.  It just so happens that Perfect Fuel bars are the 'Perfect' addition to any trail mix:)
Whether you are a high level athlete, a performer or just need a boost at some point during the day, Perfect Fuel bars are an excellent option.  They provide a small, tasty and all-natural dose of sustained energy, so you won't get the usual crash that comes after most energy supplements on the market.
I can tell these bars will become an increasingly important part of my diet regimen at the theater and just in time for our performance season too:) 
Lucky for those of you who missed out on our performances this week, we are doing one more weekend of shows starting next Thursday - and you can bet we will have tons of energy:)


  1. Where can I get my hands on some Yummy Pants? Killer opening night, Rachel. What a wonderful present/sacrifice for your birthday!

  2. haha, unfortunately for you, my friend made those packets for me for my birthday:) Each one labeled specifically!
    Perfect Fuel makes for a great addition!