Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips and Taps by Brian Poe:)

 I first met Chef Brian Poe at Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, where I experienced a delicious tasting of his tex-mex inspired menu.  Never before had the Rattlesnake been seen as a culinary spot and now, thanks to Chef Poe's brilliance, it has been put on Boston's food map.  
When I heard of Chef Poe's newest venture, The Tip Tap Room, I knew it would be special. 
My friend and I went to check it out exactly one month to the day it opened and once again, I was blown away not only by Chef Poe's culinary expertise, but his innovation and passion, which characterize his every move:)

 Located at 138 Cambridge street in the Beacon Hill area, Tip Tap Room offers a selection beers on tap as well as a list of inspired and creative cuts of meat, fish and vegetarian options served 'tip' style.  Most are accompanied by really fun mashed potato infusions.  
The space is great, with a large bar area that opens up to welcome the lovely summer weather and give guests a view of Cambridge street. Daily specials are posted on a chalkboard above the bar.

 Of course, tips and taps are not all that you will find here.  The appetizer offerings are numerous and tantalizing as well. We tried their rock shrimp which was so good that my companion managed to eat all the shrimp before I managed to get my fork in...not to worry, Chef Poe had another order sent out asap:)  Just as well too, you do not want to miss out on these juicy, succulent shrimp with their sweet, spicy and slightly tangy sauce.
 Another delicious option in the appetizers is the roasted whole fig with pancetta, stuffed with blue cheese and drizzled with a burnt balsamic butter...I mean..how could you possibly resist!? Even the presentation was superb!
 For out tip, we decided on the 'Duelling option' as displayed on their chalkboard.  It consisted of a tip of Wild Boar and a tip of Pork Belly, braised in Coors and duck fat and atop a puree of sweet potatoes, also infused with beer.  
It was a delicious tasting of two special types of meat, both cooked to a pleasant tenderness.
 Although we did not plan on ordering more, a plate of their Swordfish tips somehow materialized right in front of us.  The funny thing about this dish is that I remember when Chef Poe was trying it out on his menu at Rattlesnake.  What was good then, has been mastered now.  The grilled chunks of swordfish are served with a smooth and creamy mashed potato, this time infused with a robust tapenade..  String beans and a bell pepper, artichoke and olive salsa lightened the load perfectly.
This is a signature, again, not to be missed!
Just to round things out, we tried their house-made blackberry and white chocolate bread pudding. I am not usually the biggest fan of bread pudding, but then again, that is probably because it is never done right.  This concoction was a doughy pudding with plump blackberries and drizzled in white chocolate. I especially liked the chunks of crusty bread you would find here and there.
Suffice it to say that this did not last long either.
It looks like Chef Poe has gone and done it again, this time venturing out to another area, with an entirely different menu and atmosphere. Rumour has it we will not have to way long before he launches his next concept. With his track record, we can be sure it will be interesting, different and tasty!

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