Sunday, June 17, 2012

Swizzle Sundays

Nobody ever really looks forward to Sunday evenings...the inevitable dread that comes with a Monday morning becomes heavier as the day rolls by...
Luckily, The Hawthorne, located on Commonwealth right by Kenmore Station has come up with a summer series called 'Swizzle Sundays' that will have you thinking differently.
Every Sunday (weather permitting), mixologist and drink guru, Scott Marshall, will be posted outside on Hawthorne's corner patio with a drink menu dressed to impress.  Based on the diverse concept of the term 'swizzle', Scott is ready with his swizzle stick (pictured above) and a couple of blenders to help you enjoy every last moment of your weekend.

It was a beautiful day last Sunday when I went to check out the space and the menu and I ordered their 'Miami Vice'.  Wittingly so called for its combination of two delicious though potentially sinful drinks - Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquiri.  To maximize the effect, Scott simultaneously pours each drink in side by side.
The final effect is visually appealing...and as far as consumption goes, it is a perfect drink to be enjoyed after a day in the sun, on a patio overlooking busy Commonwealth. 

Tiki drinks like the one pictured above (swizzle stick in action!), are also a crowd favorite out on the patio.
Of course, if you would prefer a personal favorite or any other of the Hawthorne's signature drinks, they are available at the full bar inside.
Either way, any of Scott's drinks in hand, a few of Chef Jeremy Sewall's snacks and good company? Sounds like a pretty solid Sunday to me..may become my favorite time of the week:)


  1. I still haven't been to the Hawthorne! That Miami Vice drink does sound pretty appealing...

  2. Such a fantastic must try it:)
    And let me know when you do;)

  3. Anything that combines exotic drinks, sunshine, and people watching sounds like a fine plan to me. Enjoy the days of Summer Foodista!

  4. You know it! We will add it to the list for your next visit:)
    (To be honest, it was on the list from your last visit...just ran out of time!)