Thursday, February 16, 2012

J.M. Curley's - a new hideout perfect for post-performance libations:)

After a performance, my hunger for artistry and performing is usually filled, but my belly begs for attention.  It is always good to know where you can go for a good meal, drink and general 'detente'. In the theater district, it is sometimes difficult to find a place that offers all three...especially when you are not looking to spend a whole wad of money and when you are nearing that ominous 'kitchen is closed' time.  You can thus image how happy I was when I ventured to JM Curleys after our Opening Night of Simply Sublime and was met with a restaurant/bar with huge post-performance potential.  
Located down the alley of Temple street, JM Curley's is really easy to miss. It has a modest and strictly no frills front. Once you are in, you find your own seat and in not much time at all, someone from the team will come over a greet you.

Greetings at restaurants usually involve a polite hello, some subsequent inquiries and water.  At JM Curley's, you also get a batch of their 'flavor-of-the-day' popcorn.  Upon my first visit (yes, because I have since been back!), it was garlic popcorn and on my return visit just two days later, it was gingerbread. (!!!) It's really fantastic and much needed, because, as I mentioned earlier, after a show, I have a dangerous appetite...and snacks to keep me happy while I wait for my food are essential.

Another key component, is of course the bar, and again, JM Curley's excels not only with its great list of local brews, but also with its craft cocktails.  Bar manger Kevin, has come up with a few excellently made cocktails.  I have tried three thus far and all have since ranked as some of my favorite drinks in Boston.  Above, we have the Hemingway Heat, made with rhum agricole, grapefruit juice, maraschino, lime and jalapeno. My personal favorite is the Dark and Stormy - Dark rum, ginger brew and lime with a sugared rim.  Kevin however, recommended some of his house specialty Gin and (house made) tonic - Plymouth, Yellow Charteuse, Quinine Bark Powder and citrus.  I am not always a fan of Gin and Tonics...but this baby is in a class of its own! All priced at 9 dollars, these cocktails make for perfect libations anytime, any day!

For food, we ordered their baby spinach salad with pralines, charred red onions, goat cheese and candy apple vinaigrette.  I also tried their baby iceberg salad which is a half head of lettuce, topped with croutons, hard-boiled egg, pickled beets, bacon and pop's Russian dressing.  I liked both, but the latter had perhaps a bit too much of dressing.

Of their snacks, we tried their deviled eggs which were creamy and delicious, topped with spring onions and ham. I don't usually love deviled eggs, but again, as with the Gin and Tonic, these are quite different from the usual congealed mounds you get at the buffet salad bar!

Continuing in the trend of delightful snacks were their deep fried pickles, again, another hit! The pickles were sliced just the right width and coated in a very light but very crisp batter. It is so easy to over coat fried pickles and you end up loosing the intended effect.

We also tried their Brussel Sprouts with Duck confit and Gruyere as well as their East-by-dirty-South Yams which come topped with marshmallow and candied pecans.  Although both sides were top in taste and novelty, they did not do so well in the limelight of my I left those pictures out:) With all the juicy goodness however, we decided an order of house made pretzels was necessary - and they were! 
We tried many things and none disappointed. 
I don't usually see myself as a 'regular', there are so many places to try out! With JM Curleys's, I think that trend may be broken. In the first week of shows, I frequented this spot twice and both times I came out completely happy and satisfied.  The fact that they have a daily PB&J, alcoholic milkshakes and bacon peanut brittle pretty much seals my fate...more visits are to follow.  Perfect timing too, our Spring Season is just getting heated up! Stop by JM Curley's before or after the show:)


  1. I've been hearing good things about JM Curley's! Fried pickles and alcoholic milkshakes?! YUM!

  2. You MUST try it out! The team is so great and everything I have had so far is spot on!